Setting up a Gallery

This blog is about the challenges of setting up a gallery in a climate of public sector cuts and as the UK economy teeters on the brink of recession. The hurdles in getting a space, practical considerations such as licences and tenancy agreements, fostering links with artists and pulling in an audience will all feature.

This blog will hopefully be a resource and template for best practice and also serve as a cautionary tale for what not to do (if we mess things up along the way!!).

At the same time that we plan to exhibit audio and visual works by artists, we also have a broader intention to put artists in touch with regeneration projects and community projects in touch with artists. Our endeavour will be to effect meaningful change for communities and individuals through the medium of art. We also plan to mentor artists at the start of their careers to give them the skills and contacts to further their aims; and, assist collectives and groups of artists to find exhibition spaces, to access funding, to set up pop-up shops and to take over derelict spaces. We would like to work with curators, artists at all stages of their careers, interested community groups and large scale regeneration projects.

This blog is one tool to facilitate some of those aims.

To check out our gallery and how it progresses over the next few months, see:


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