Programme of past exhibitions
everything is so damned inerrelated-a4

April 26th – May 27th
Massimo Nota
Everything is so damned interrelated…and you are here

Private view for our second exhibition by Italian artist Massimo Nota held on April 26th (6 – 9pm).

Massimo Nota, originally from Rome, is a prolific artist/illustrator whose world is imbued with visions.

Nota’s creative act reveals an instinctive gesture that he follows spontaneously on the surface. Here words and images overlap in layers. Each artwork, either on canvas, brown paper, cardboard, iron plates or wood, (re)presents an amazing arrangement of drawings, collages, acrylic paint, watercolour and paper sheets.

Looking deeply into the surface, we can distinguish original drawings, recycled papers, old book sheets found in flea markets and old dusty archives. Nota magically blows the dust off them. Once they were lost and forgotten and now they are placed in a new space, with a new function. The artist doesn’t narrate a story, but many stories, or better, a shred of stories/events that coexist at the same time.


March 29th – April 22nd
Laura Bodo Lajber
So long lives this

Laura Bodo Lajber’s art draws on the legacy of the American artist Joseph Cornell, an exponent of assemblage. Cornell’s most characteristic art works were boxed assemblages created from found objects. Bodo Lajber has taken this artistic process a step beyond and applied it to found objects such as glass vases and old chairs. Like Cornell, who created poetry from the commonplace, her works evoke a sense of nostalgia.

Taking discarded but once treasured objects she reshapes them and injects into them a sense of lost narrative and personal histories, so that we can only conjecture about whom the former owners of these items might have been, and we begin to place our own precarious sense of meaning onto the compositions.


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